AR Mag Carrier

Our AR mag carriers are designed to fit all AR compatible 5.56 magazines.  They are molded on a curve so that they fit tight up next to your body, and they feature adjustable retention.  

These mag carriers come standard with belt loops, but you can also use our speed clips or MOLLE clips.  If you choose MOLLE clips, we will ensure that the spacing of the clips from side to side will work with MOLLE webbing.

All of our mag carriers are molded around an exact replica of your magazine, or in some cases an actual magazine using .080" Kydex.  Turn around time is currently running at 6 weeks from purchase until the item leaves our facility.  If you have custom options not listed, or an idea for a piece of gear that you don't see listed here, or even just a question, feel free to contact us.






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  • Item #: ARMAG

AR Mag Carrier

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